Monday, May 3, 2010

Infinite Music

You know our goal at MP3tune is 'your music everywhere' but we also want to help you get music flowing to your ears and keep it flowing with a minimum of work on your part. With this in mind we just added a new feature we call "Infinite Playlist". The way it works is that you can start the music anyway you like (search for a favorite, select a playlist, or click the Random/Newest songs playlist).

When play back of that song(s) finishes, your locker will automatically find similar songs and automatically play them. When that list concludes the process starts again so you get an infinite flow of music.

After you have uploaded more than 250 songs, we're able to match songs to whatever genre or style you're playing using our 'fingerprint' technology. [NOTE: If you don't have enough songs in your locker then the web player will select a random list of songs to keep the music flowing.]

Other services may stop the music if you listen too often or periodically halt playback unless you interact with the system, but MP3tunes has no such limit and wants you to enjoy "always-on" music. We built this feature into the web player first but if the feedback is good we're going to expand this functionality to the iPhone/iPod, Android, and other clients.