Friday, September 18, 2009

Listen to your Locker on your iPhone

Now you can listen to your Locker on your iPhone! Just go to the iTunes App Store and install Airband. Type your email address and password and you can go beyond you iPhone or iPod's storage limit! Take all your music with you with MP3tunes and Airband.

If you have any feedback for the developers, please let us know:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your favorite tunes in the palm of your hand

The Logitech® Squeezebox™ Family + the Music Locker

Enjoy your Locker music and the world of Internet radio wirelessly on a variety of exciting Squeezebox™ models, including the new color-screen Squeezebox™ Radio and Squeezebox™ Touch.

Logitech® Squeezebox™ Radio connects to your home Wi-Fi network to bring a world of music to any space in your home. Tune in to thousands of free Internet radio stations, discover new music from services like MP3tunes, or listen to your personal digital music collection, including DRM-free iTunes Plus downloads. If you’re a Facebook you can
share music recommendations and see your friends’ statuses,
recommendations, and photos right on Squeezebox™ Radio.

Logitech® Squeezebox™ Touch. The color touch-screen Wi-Fi® music player that lets you discover a world of music. Listen to your personal digital music collection, discover new music from services like MP3tunes, and tune to thousands of Internet radio stations from all over the world—all through your stereo. An intuitive 4.3-inch color touch screen lets you easily select and play music, and view album art and photos. And support for high-resolution encoding gives you rich sound very little distortion.

Don't have a Music Locker? Get yours now so you can enjoy all of your music on the Squeezebox. Get 2 Gigs FREE - sign up now!

Don't have a Squeezebox? Find out more!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High resolution slideshow!

Check out the new HIGH RESOLUTION images now available in your Locker slideshow! Just go to your Locker and start playing a song and kick back and enjoy. (Click the "fullscreen" icon to view large images while your music is playing).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

There's something new in your MP3tunes Locker!

Find new tunes for your collection, or rediscover your own music. Check out the Smart Bar!

Open your Smart Bar: The Bar is located on the right side of your
Locker Player. Simply click on the
Bar when you're playing music to
take advantage of the links & info.

Recommended tracks will appear based on the song you're playing. With just a click, you can enjoy new music you may have missed.

Get deeper into your music. The Smart Bar also gives you exciting backstage info about your favorite artists. Listen while you learn!

Don't have a Locker yet? Get a free one now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Check out all the ways to play your MP3tunes Locker

Net Radios

Enjoy a channel of your own Locker music along with thousands ofstations from around the world. Lots of stylish models from which to choose!

Mobile Devices


Access your Music Locker on your Windows Mobile capable phone with Select Radio 4.0


Got mobile? Try this simple interface on your web-capable mobile phone to stream your Music Locker collection.

Car Devices


The Clarion MiND is a unique portable GPS unit for your car featuring exclusive integration with the MP3tunes Locker.

More cool devices

Thanks to our open music API, there are many ways to enjoy your music and video everywhere!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check out the new Slideshow feature at MP3tunes!

MP3tunes has developed a really cool feature that allows you to watch a slideshow of your favorite artist or band, while listening to their music in your MP3tunes Locker.

You're going to love this new feature! Click here to check it out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Need Your Help! Try the new Flash Player

We have been working on a new Flash Player to listen to your music.

Please go to: to try it out. (You can also go to the Player and select "Flash Player" from the drop-down list.) We'd like to get your feedback. Log into your Locker and try it out. Let us know what you think:

On tap: cool recommendations from the Smartbar!

We've added another way to explore and enjoy your personal music collection! Just go to your locker and check out the new Beta Player with the new "SmartBar" feature (highlighted in red above). As you play songs, the SmartBar will show similar tracks in your library and recommend new artists and songs. You can click on the word SmartBar to show or hide the panel at any time.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grab a Gadget!

The Desktop Gadget that we mentioned previously is now available! You can see a screenshot below. You can also grab another new gadget that lets you listen to your Locker right from your iGoogle portal page. Check both of them out and grab the downloads from here:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got an Android phone?

If you have a Android phone we could use your help. We're working on a new MP3tunes Android app that allows you to stream your locker on the go. If you want to try it out please read the installation notes in our community forum. You can go to our UserVoice site to submit your bug reports, ideas and suggestions. Here are a few screenshots:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vote for the Craziest Digital Music Ideas

MP3tunes CEO Michael Robertson posted a list on his blog that you can vote on. He lays out some of the "Craziest Digital Music Ideas" that the industry has come up with over the last 10 years. Right now it appears to be a tie between: "Secretly Installing Software on User's Computers (Root Kit)" and "Embedding Credit Card Numbers in MP3 Files". Read the post and cast your vote now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stay up to date with the latest legal news...

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news about the MP3tunes court case be sure that you are subscribed to the Michael's Minute mailing list. Check out the Legal Update on Personal Lockers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Desktop Gadget (Coming Soon!)

Here is a sneak peek at an upcoming Google Desktop Gadget for MP3tunes! Now you can listen to your MP3tunes Locker right from your desktop with this great little gadget.

If you haven't used Google Desktop before .... it's a program that gives you easy access to information on your local machine and from the web. Google Desktop makes searching your own email, files, music, and photos as easy as searching the web with Google. Anyone can download it for free. There are versions for all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

The developers have already submitted the MP3tunes Gadget to Google. And, as soon as they add it to the Gadget web site, we'll post a link. Here are a few more screenshots:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Show everyone what you're listening to!

Now, you can show the world what you're listening to in your MP3tunes Locker! Just go to: and and use the "Widget Configurator". Type in the email address for your MP3tunes account, pick the number of songs to display and click the "Generate Widget Code" button.

This will generate a snippet of Javascript code that you can copy and paste and add to your own blog or web site. To see what it looks like, check out the right hand side of our blog.

Here's how we added it to our blog:

  1. After you log in to your Blogger account just click on the "Layout" tab:

  2. Click the link that says:

  3. In the pop-up window that appears select the plus sign (+) next to HTML/Javascript:

  4. Copy the line of code that you generated on the "Widget Configurator" page:

  5. Paste the line of code into the form and click the Save button. (Note: you can leave the "Title" field blank):

That's it! If you reload your blog page you should see a list of the latest tracks that you listened to in your MP3tunes Locker. If you ever need to go back and edit the code again (in Blogger) just click the 'Edit' link under 'Layout':

Try it out and show the world what you're listening to!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check out the new Web Player beta!

If you log in to your MP3tunes Locker and click on Player you will see a new link at the top that says: " Try our Beta Player". This will take you to the latest version of the web player software. We encourage everyone to give it a try and let us know how it works for you. Some of the new features:
  • Resizable window panes (just click and drag!)
  • Larger playback view with easy-to-read titles
  • Full-sized viewing
  • Better search
  • Consolidated controls (all in one place)
  • Video playlist
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Much, much more!
Here's a screenshot:

We hope you'll try it out and give us some feedback. If you don't already have a MP3tunes Locker you can sign up for one for free.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

iPhone app testers needed!

We are looking for some alpha / beta testers. If you want to give the MP3tunes iPhone app a try then we'll need some info about your iPhone/iPod touch.

Find your device ID:

* Connect your iPhone / iPod touch to the computer and launch iTunes
* Click on your device and click "serial number"
* Serial number will now change to Identifier (a 40 digits alpha-numeric code)
* Select Edit / Copy to copy the Device ID to the clipboard

Send to: Tell us your full name, your MP3tunes email, and your Device ID and we'll add your name to the airband tester list and send you updates.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Add MP3tunes support to your product!

We have been working to improve the Developer area of our web site:

If you are a developer (or company) working on a new hardware device, web service, or software application -- check it out! You can sign up for a free account and use the free and open MP3tunes API to add support to your product. We will be introducing more code samples and case studies soon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking for a great engineer who wants to be on the cutting edge of digital music!

Senior Web Engineer needed to be a hands on leader of the web development team for MP3Tunes ( This is a hands on programming/engineering position with some management responsibilities. Requirements include mysql and PHP. If you dream about code, this position is for you. If you enjoy being the "go to" technical person in an organization, this position is for you. For the right person this position could lead to a technical senior management role. Send your resume to:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Send videos from your Locker to any mobile phone

If you've ever wanted a funny or musical video on your mobile phone to show others or watch while traveling about it's now simple with MP3tunes and your personal Locker. Open your Locker, find a video then right-click on it and select "Load to: Mobile" Enter in the telephone number (be sure and include the country code) and we'll send the video to your phone. The video is optimized for a phone's bandwidth and screen size automatically. (This technique will also work for audio files.)

To add video to your account use LockerSync or DownloadHelper. (NOTE: This will work on any phone which has a data connection to load the video except an iphone because Apple locks them up. Don't fret iphone users we'll have our iphone app out shortly so you can play too.)

Friday, April 10, 2009

All new video optimized web interface!

Video files are now being support in your Locker and we just added significant new features to the web player to make it easy to find your videos and play them back. Couple notable features:
  • New Video category conveniently groups all your videos
  • Visual icon indicates songs (blue musical note) and videos (red video icon)
  • Now create playlists with mix of video and audio content.
Remember to get videos into your Locker use the LockerSync software or the popular Youtube tool DownloadHelper

Here's a screenshot (click for larger view):

We want to hear from you about what you think about our video support. Please send us email with your suggestions!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Think net radios are too expensive? Think again!

Internet radios have been around for a few years now. When they first came out they were very high-end and had a steep price tag to match. Most people saw them and thought: "Someday I'd like to get a net radio." Well, if you've been waiting for the price to fall to about $100, today is your lucky day.

We have been working with Audiovox/RCA and they have two new net radio models to choose from: the AR 200 and the AR 600i. Both of these integrate MP3tunes Locker support right out of the box! Now, you can play thousands of net stations as well as tunes from your Music Locker, wirelessly. And prices start at around $100. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get a net radio.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Video on your phone? It's easier than ever!

You already know that your MP3tunes locker is the best place to store your personal music collection. Well now your locker can also store and play back videos - making it ever better!

There are many ways to add videos to your Locker:

  • Use the webloader to upload individual video files.

  • For multiple videos, use the free LockerSync program.

  • For videos you find on the net, there is a free Firefox plug-in called DownloadHelper. (Like having a TiVo for YouTube!) DownloadHelper now has the ability to store downloaded videos right to your MP3tunes Locker with a single mouse click.

Learn How To Load
Videos to Your Locker:

Another innovative feature is the ability to send nearly any net video directly to your phone. Simply select "Send to Mobile" when you use DownloadHelper.

Learn How To Load
Videos to Your Mobile Phone:

Your MP3tunes locker is THE place to store your private music and video collection. Now you can keep entertaining, instructional and inspirational videos alongside your existing music collection – making the locker even more useful!

Try adding your own videos now and be sure to check out this page out for more info. If you don't already have a free Locker, sign up today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meta search engines for DRM-free MP3s

There are many meta search engines for free MP3 files, but none for commercial MP3s. (A meta search engine is one that searches multiple places and compiles the results.) Since there's a large variety in what stores carry we thought it would be useful to create an MP3 store search. Check out the newest version of MP3 Store Guide which now profiles more than 30 MP3 stores and includes a meta search feature. (We're also making the source code for the search engine available for all to use and improve.) Give it a try!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

MP3tunes in your car?!?

Wireless delivery of music to your car is becoming a reality and Clarion is the early leader. Their touch screen MiND device (which was also on display at the Intel booth) will load your music collection to your car directly from the Internet. Rip a CD, download a track at your office computer and then have it automatically loaded to your dashboard using either your mobile phone's net connection or wifi. Behind the scene, songs are being copied from your personal music Locker to your car so you can listen to all your favorite tunes while cruising down the road. In addition to music syncing, the MiND also displays Google Maps and – all controlled from the net.