Friday, March 13, 2009

Video on your phone? It's easier than ever!

You already know that your MP3tunes locker is the best place to store your personal music collection. Well now your locker can also store and play back videos - making it ever better!

There are many ways to add videos to your Locker:

  • Use the webloader to upload individual video files.

  • For multiple videos, use the free LockerSync program.

  • For videos you find on the net, there is a free Firefox plug-in called DownloadHelper. (Like having a TiVo for YouTube!) DownloadHelper now has the ability to store downloaded videos right to your MP3tunes Locker with a single mouse click.

Learn How To Load
Videos to Your Locker:

Another innovative feature is the ability to send nearly any net video directly to your phone. Simply select "Send to Mobile" when you use DownloadHelper.

Learn How To Load
Videos to Your Mobile Phone:

Your MP3tunes locker is THE place to store your private music and video collection. Now you can keep entertaining, instructional and inspirational videos alongside your existing music collection – making the locker even more useful!

Try adding your own videos now and be sure to check out this page out for more info. If you don't already have a free Locker, sign up today.