Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MP3tunes Mobile Locker Tips and Tricks

If you have an Android phone or device we invite you to check out the FREE software that lets you listen to your MP3tunes music locker. Just go to the Android Market on your phone and search for "mp3tunes". Once you have it installed, just type your MP3tunes username and password and you have instant mobile access to your entire music locker! Learn more about the MP3tunes Mobile Locker for Android.

A lot of people have written to tell us how much they enjoy listening to their music on the go. We decided to post some tips and tricks that will make your experience even better:

  1. Download songs

    This is a recently added feature. (You can find out what version you're running by opening the Android Market and going to the "Downloads" tab. Then click MP3tunes and scroll down to find the number.) Starting in version 1.0.22 (alpha) we added a "Download" option. To find it, just navigate to a list of tracks. Then long-press on a track name and you'll see a new menu appear. Click on "Add track to local storage" to download.

    After the song finishes downloading you can navigate to the Android Media Player (called "Music") and the songs will be stored on your phone's local memory card. You can then use the Android media player to listen to songs even if you don't have a network connection. We plan to do a lot of work on this feature so stay tuned!

    The Android Media Player:

  2. Stop playing a song

    Another feature that we recently added is the ability to stop a song. You can see this option on the MP3tunes Mobile Locker Player screen. There is a square, 'STOP' button next to the play/pause button. Clicking this will stop the track and return you to the list of songs.

  3. This feature is actually located in two places: if you go to the Android menu button, you will also see an option to stop the currently playing track:

  4. Close the MP3tunes Mobile Locker program
    Some people have asked us about being able to quit, exit, or close the program. We have heard you loud and clear. To exit the MP3tunes Mobile Locker just navigate to the main screen (using the "menu" button in Android). Then, go to menu again and click "Logout". Once you are logged out the session will be closed. You can then click the "Home" button to return to your phone's start screen.

If you have any tips or tricks that you want to share with everyone send them along.

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