Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Send videos from your Locker to any mobile phone

If you've ever wanted a funny or musical video on your mobile phone to show others or watch while traveling about it's now simple with MP3tunes and your personal Locker. Open your Locker, find a video then right-click on it and select "Load to: Mobile" Enter in the telephone number (be sure and include the country code) and we'll send the video to your phone. The video is optimized for a phone's bandwidth and screen size automatically. (This technique will also work for audio files.)

To add video to your account use LockerSync or DownloadHelper. (NOTE: This will work on any phone which has a data connection to load the video except an iphone because Apple locks them up. Don't fret iphone users we'll have our iphone app out shortly so you can play too.)