Wednesday, May 25, 2011

" is a joy to use"

David Pogue writes the tech column for the New York Times every week. This week he featured and summed it up by saying:

"So here’s the bottom line: is a joy to use, it’s simple enough to be idiotproof, and the sound quality is very good. And it’s absolutely free."

Go read the story and then try out for yourself. Record all your favorite radio stations and shows and listen to them whenever you want.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Record Radio with

Do you enjoy these popular radio talk shows?

You probably can't always listen to the radio when you'd like, right? Well,
solves that problem for you – easily record all your favorites, then listen whenever
and wherever you want to with

(Just log in with your MP3tunes email and password at

Choose your shows - record with just a click

You'll find all of the top shows easily in our Talk Show guide, or simply search to find a show host or station. Then just click the record button to start recording right away. Upcoming shows are automatically scheduled and saved so you can listen whenever it is convenient for you.

Click to watch a video

Then listen whenever, wherever you go:

Like to listen in your car on the way to work? Or, at home in front of your computer? Or on your TV? Enjoy your recordings all these ways:

Visit to start recording your favorite shows (and music) today.