Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get 10 GB for FREE

Beginning this week, MP3tunes will be offering a substantial 10GBs of music storage for free - enough to hold about 2,000 MP3 files. The goal is to store every internet user's music collection in the cloud and make it available everywhere they want to listen. This will require a massive expansion of our system but we're ready to make the jump from hundreds of thousands of users to tens of millions. If you'd like to receive an invitation, please get on the list here.

Increasing the free storage by 5X will create a surge in traffic. To manage the demand and growth we will be metering out invites to keep the flow manageable and to make sure we can offer an uninterrupted experience to existing users. Our team will be constantly monitoring storage and deploying more servers on a daily basis to handle the increased usage, so if you request an invite please be patient while we get to your request.